• Registration to be followed by;
      • Registration of Forest Department
      • Registration of Plantation Blocks by Forest Department
      • Registration of Government institutions/Public Sector Undertakings /Non-Government Organisations/Private Companies /Organisations/Philanthropies/ Individuals/ Group of Individuals
  • Registration process on the Web Portal
      • Registration is initiated by accessing the web portal and undergoing a registration process.
      • During registration, necessary information will be requested to create a unique profile, including a distinctive username and a secure password.
      • The registration process ensures the establishment of a personalized account, enabling users to access the platform's features and services.
  • Plantation block Detail Registration on the Web Portal
      • Identification and registration of plantation blocks as degraded land as per the land selection guidelines under the control and management of Forest Departments by District Forest Officer (DFO) of State Government Forest Department on the GCP portal.
      • The plantation block registration process captures relevant details, such as the location of land, nature of the land, and other details including KML file and geo-tagged photos of the land.
  • Selection of Plantation Blocks by Entity
      • From the registered Plantation block details, Registered entity will select suitable grids for plantation. The Administrator will inform the Entity about the amount of funds to be paid for undertaking the plantation. Once charges are paid, the plantation activity will be undertaken by concerned Implementation Agency (Forest Department/Forest Development Corporation) on the grid/Plantation Blocks selected by the Entity.
  • Issuance of GC:
      • GCs will be issued in 2nd year of completion of plantation, based on methodology and guidelines as defined by Administrator. GC will be allocated at the rate of 1 GC per tree, on the generation of plantation completion certificate in the GCP portal.
      • The Implementing agency (Forest department) will be responsible for ensuring completion of plantation within 2 years.
  • Verification Process (According to Guidelines)
      • The submitted application undergoes a meticulous verification process, conducted in adherence to predefined guidelines.
      • Nodal Officer in the respective State Government/ Implementation Agency shall upload the plantations details undertaken under GCP on the portal as per formats defined by the Administrator.
      • Proper records shall be maintained and periodically uploaded on GCP portal.
      • GCs will be issued based on methodology and guidelines as defined by administrator.
      • The issued GCs are officially recorded in the GC Registry, creating a secure and transparent record of the certified activity.
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